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di Paolo Aversano

The most beautiful day

ChevroletCamaroThe Chevrolet Camaro is one of the most desired cars in the USA, and naturally such a present can astonish a 25-year-old student, if…it was true!
The difference between what we can have and what we would like is analyzed in a funny way by Chevrolet.In a sector with an high percentage of competition, communication is a key factor and good commercials can create the conditions for good sales.

The automotive sector is more and more creating ads with few technical data; the attention is focused on creativity, imagination, the creation of a better brand image.

di Paolo Aversano

The Camry effect

ToyotaCamry“This was the car I owned while attending college. Being a poor college student, I was thankful I didn’t have to fill the tank that often”.

“Little did I know when buying my Camry in 1994 that a few years later, I would adopt a little girl born in 1994, and now many years later that girl born in 1994 is driving my 1994 Camry. She's 17, but the Camry has 235,000 miles on it”.

This is only a microscopic part of the complete set of stories that Toyota is collecting on a specific website about one of the most important vehicles they produced.

di Paolo Aversano

Albert Einstein’s tongue

Sony_CybershotThe power of a good camera can eliminate the limits of time, space and…interpretation!
Sony presented a new campaign for the Argentine market, product of a cooperation with the extra-famous agency Saatchi and Saatchi. This commercial is able to explain a mystery: the reason why Albert Einstein smiled ironically sticking out his tongue in a famous picture.
Moving from particular to general, Sony shows a specific technological improvement of the new generation of its Cybershot with an engaging and dynamic trick. The more we study music, voice and filming style, the more this commercial looks like a documentary, not really an ad.

di Paolo Aversano

The consolidation of a myth

VolkswagenGolfNot every old lady is trustworthy in the same way. Fortunately, every Golf is”. This funny advertising presents one of the  well-known qualities of the Volkswagen Golf, reliability, with a creative narrative structure. The Dutch imagination destroy ironically the myth of old age rich in wisdom, calmness, stability.
Anyway, fortunately the old Golf doesn’t present these oddities: it works well even if it’s 15 years old, and even if the driving of our kind grandmother was…vivacious.

di Paolo Aversano

About pencils and colors

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A nice presentation for the world’s first producer of pencil. This German campaign shows a particular and funny face of Faber-Castell, icon of stationary companies.

Their principal merit – high quality – is analyzed with joy and creativity, offering in this way a positive brand image: the European multinational, symbol of a traditional way of doing enterprise, moves with the times and doesn’t take itself seriously.


The plain style of communication is paradigmatic of a company that hasn’t the necessity of astonishing tricks: a good idea dominate the scene, and that’s it. It perfectly represents the typical values of German culture: terseness, precision, a delicate use of imagination.

Una valida presentazione per il primo produttore mondiale di matite. Questa campagna tedesca mostra un particolare risvolto dell’immagine aziendale di Faber-Castell.
La loro missione – l’alta qualità – è studiata in questo contesto con gioia e creatività, donando un’impressione positiva: la multinazionale europea, simbolo di un percorso imprenditoriale piuttosto tradizionale, è al passo con i tempi ed evita di prendersi troppo seriamente. Il limpido stile comunicativo esprime al meglio una produzione che non ha bisogno di particolari artifizi per emergere: un’ottima idea domina la scena, ed il gioco è fatto. Queste pubblicità rappresentano al meglio i tipici valori del più tipico tessuto produttivo tedesco: precisione, sintesi, un uso delicato della fantasia.

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