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di Paolo Aversano


STATravelSTA Travel is a worldwide tourism network of more than 450 branches, born in Australia but present in 75 countries. One of its strengths is Round the world itinerary, an exclusive (and expensive) idea for motivated globetrotters.

The best quality of this commercial is probably the rhythm, intense and engaging. The mix images/music creates a wonderful sense of dynamism. Following the tourist’s footsteps and watching all the different localities, we immediately love this idea and start to dream an adventure like that. The objective of STA ad is achieved, for it produces desires that were absent or asleep before.
Reading this post on Youtube, only one doubt became quite evident:
Am I the only one who pressed the pause button to can see well each different place ?

di Paolo Aversano

I am part of the world

NikonNikon suggests a new brand image through a new corporate campaign visually and emotionally very intense. The centrality of the image characterizes our society, and nowadays the power and appeal of photography are really for everyone. Nikon commercial links different spheres – amateur, pro, stars, tourist – with passion, the spark that inspires all the enthusiast users of cameras.

The present ad doesn’t promote a specific product, but creating a magic, exciting atmosphere it reinforces the brand image and then persuades the consumers that Nikon production remain the best possible choice. I agree with the decision not to talk about technique, prices, performance. A visceral, well done advertising like I AM NIKON can touch people’s emotions (key of every purchase) more quickly and efficiently.

di Paolo Aversano

Make THE Difference

TMBBankIt’s not simple to analyze advertisings of companies that operate in banking sector. In this world there are a lot of different interests, sometimes not very transparent, and it can be difficult to understand the difference between positive feelings and rhetoric.

Nevertheless, it’s important to recognize and appreciate the quality and incisiveness of a good ad, as for the commercial of the TMB bank.

The Thai company presented his new mission – Make THE Difference – with an amazing advertising. A children’s group wants to have a soccer field, and even if they live in a small and densely populated island, the teamwork and will power can climb mountains.


di Paolo Aversano

A green history


Pigs naturally raised: 100%. Chicken naturally raised: 100%. Beef naturally raised: 85%. And besides, use of zero trans fat frying oil.
These are just some of the strenghts of Chipotle, U.S. fast food company present in 38 countries and specialized in the use of natural ingredients.
The commercial is laudable because of the clarity of communication and the ability to synthesize mission and corporate values in 2 minutes of images. The success of this company, and the production of this spot, show how awareness and environmental attention of consumers (and enterprises) are growing.

Maiali allevati naturalmente: 100%. Polli allevati naturalmente: 100%. Mucche allevate naturalmente: 85%. Ed in più, utilizzo di olio non derivato da culture trasgeniche.

di Paolo Aversano

Mini Countryman

MiniCountrymanIl genere di spot prospettato da Mini per il fuoristrada Countryman è tra i miei preferiti in assoluto. Lontano da noiose spiegazioni tecniche, banalità propagandistiche ed autoglorificazioni di varia natura, lo spot-marcetta di questa settimana semplicemente diverte.

Lo stile è semplice, virale, immediato: tipicamente nord-europeo (l’agenzia ha sede in Olanda). Le Mini rosse rimbalzano allegre per le vie di città e campagna come tante palle magiche.

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