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di Paolo Aversano

Romanians are smart

Romanians December 1 is the National holiday of Romania, and during the Great Union Day a particular publicity stunt was presented. The idea is debunking all the various European criticisms towards the Romanians:  poor people, strong presence of organized crime in addition to petty crime, violence, little respect for women.

A genial idea was thought: prejudices can be defeated using Google, a specific website  and an intelligent communication campaign, rich in humour. Romanians are smart! This is the simple slogan that has registered 631.591 clicks in one day, thanks to this initiative.

di Paolo Aversano

Against the death penalty

AmnestyAfter 50 years of activity, Amnesty International is present in 150 countries (with 3 million supporters) and strives hard to defend human rights, with specific campaigns for freedom of expression, abolition of death penalty, protection of women’s rights.
The French advertising gets under the skin of people: seeing it, they’ve the possibility to reflect about the horror and sadness produced by capital punishment in developed and developing countries.

My personal judgment of color and light is positive, and the light and shade effects (in addition to music track) facilitate a personal thinking.

di Paolo Aversano

London suggestions

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There’re advertisings able to catch the attention even if they aren’t technically perfect. The 3D street art of Reebok is part of this table, in my opinion. It has been thought with the aim of promoting Crossfit, an innovative fitness program. The advertisers’ choice is clear: they don’t lay emphasis on the product, preferring imagination and aesthetics over the information completeness.

It’s not easy to visualize the benefits of Crossfit, so it’s necessary to visit the official website for more explanations. Nevertheless, the campaign is already a success, present and appreciated in all principal social networks.

Everyone is very attracted to this ad because of the emotions it can generate.

di Paolo Aversano

Live the language

EFEf (Education First) is the most important private educational company, and with more than 400 schools in 50 countries it offers language, educational and cultural programs.

In order to promote French courses, Ef hits the bull’s-eye with a special, innovative commercial. We can learn French already during the ad! This remarkable choice allows to memorize some words and test the utility of language studies.

di Paolo Aversano

French creativity

CanalPlusWe can identify an engaging advertising only pinpointing its several strengths, as for the Canal + example.
Creative idea. They chose to render a bear a famous film director!
Characterization of the director. This bear is funny, he has an interesting tone of voice and fluid movements, in addition to a particular “human” appearance.
Changes of location. The ad is characterized by 3 different moments: a medieval war scene, a film backstage, a normal living room where someone is watching a movie. We’ve 3 sudden, dynamic and interesting changes in only one minute.

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